Energy Saving Tips Cut Utility Bills

Energy Saving Tips are practical suggestions that will save you money. Detailed here are cost cutting suggestions are divided into three categories, ideas that don’t cost any money, ideas that cost a minimal amount of money (usually under $100.00), and cost-effective investment ideas that will pay you back over a period of time.

No-cost solutions are passive solutions that are practical, sometimes old fashioned ideas that cost no money. How about this old fashioned idea; turn off a light when you are no longer using it. How about taking advantage natural light, just position your work station near a window and use ‘free’ light. And my personal favorite; drinking an ice cold beverage on a hot summer day, or, a hot comforting coco when you come in from the cold.

Of course you probably don’t need to be reminded to dress appropriately; add warm layers in the winter and in the summer, cool cotton garments that hang loose on the body are a great choice. ‘Free’ energy saving tips are about using the resources you already have - wisely.

Low-cost energy saving tips are solutions that require a minimal investment, however, they pay off big! When you look from the inside to the outside of your exterior doors, can you see light cracks? If you can, you are loosing your climate-controlled air out of those cracks. There is a simple, inexpensive fix for this called weather stripping which you can install for about $10.00 per door.

When you are sitting next to the window do you feel the outside temperature creeping into your home? There are several inexpensive solutions to deal with this problem including weather stripping, caulking and window coverings. The idea is to keep your climate controlled air inside your home, and the uncomfortable hot or cold air (as the case may be) outside your home.

Cost-effective investment solutions sometimes cost a substantial amount of cash up front, however, they will save you money over time. Look for Energy Star products when purchasing appliances or other systems for your home. These types of equipment have been tested and ‘seal’ approved, and are currently saving owners money on utility bills.

Important tips to consider: Take a look at the product specifications; how much cost will you be cutting from your utility bills versus how long will it take to recoup your investment? And, take into consideration how this investment will improve the quality of your life.

Start today, practice one of these cost cutting measures, then add one tomorrow, and so on…and so on…before you know it these energy saving tips will take a bite out of utility bill expenses, then you can put that money to use on other household projects.