Kitchen Ideas to Improve the "Heart of the Home"

Kitchen ideas should save you time and help bring the family

kitchen ideas

together. Besides cooking, there are a lot of activities that happen in this room; dining, entertaining, homework and bill paying.

In the last couple generations we have seen home design evolve from small serviceable rooms to larger open floor plans with multi-functional spaces. Today’s kitchen areas are designed to incorporate ideas that address all the functionality required in fast paced, two income households. In this heart of the home, families connect, homework is completed, family activities happen and a lot of entertaining takes place. For this reason, a remodel should include modern amenities such as: speed cooking appliances, a pantry, a station to pay bills, room for a computer and comfortable seating for family and friends.

Whatever the budget, and whatever condition your kitchen is in, there are ideas that will improve the look and function of your space. Ready to dream the possibilities, set the budget and go for the goal? Let’s get to it!

Let’s talk about a budget remodel for a couple hundred dollars that will improve the function and appearance of your space without breaking the budget; painting the cabinets and walls, changing out the hardware, replacing the faucet, installing some simple storage solutions, and new task lighting.

If you have $5,000.00 to spend, consider a budget friendly remodel that includes a free-standing island and new energy star appliances, new counters and under counter lighting. A free standing island can be purchased for as little as $100.00 and new contractor grade appliances will cost about $1500.00 in solid black or white. New laminate or butcher block counters are easy to install and if you are not afraid of a do it yourself project you can install tile counter tops and/or back splashes.

Of course, if money is no object and you are dreaming BIG, then major kitchen ideas may include new cabinets, commercial style appliances, solid surface counter tops, stone flooring and state-of-the-art lighting. This kind of project could take several months, costs tens of thousands of dollars, and involves intensive planning, building permits and contractors.

Do It Yourself Kitchen Ideas, Under $100 With Do It Yourself kitchen ideas that cost under $100, and a little effort, you can completely transform your space...