Flooring Ideas that Stand Up to Traffic

When it comes to flooring ideas, whatever you pick will depend

flooring ideas

on your lifestyle and the room where you will install it. There are many categories to choose from; wood, stone, ceramic tile, linoleum, carpet and cement. And within those categories, there are a lot of different variations in terms of material, style and color.

How do you choose a floor that is right for you? The following descriptions will give you an idea about your options.

Wood is a beautiful and natural choice. You can purchase solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, cork as well as maple, oak, ash and cherry. Wood requires special care, but the beauty and durability make the extra work worth it.

Stone has recently become quite popular, an upscale alternative to ceramic tile, hardwood and carpeting. Today, with the many varieties of natural stone products to choose from, homeowners are choosing from and expanded color palette that includes more shades and tones than ever before.

Ceramic Tile has long been a popular choice. Wherever there is the possibility of moisture, ceramic tile is water proof and virtually indestructible. Often ceramic tile is very affordable, and relatively easy to install for homeowners that like to do it themselves.

Linoleum, a budget-friendly choice, is a man-made product that comes on a roll and can be cut to any length. There is a lot of diversity in linoleum, from wood-grain to stone-look, this product is also water resistant and stands up well in high moisture environments.

Carpet has always been one of the most popular options due to the warmth it adds to living areas. Carpets can be colorful or neutral, patterned or plain, wall-to-wall installed, carpet tiles or area sized to soften hard surface floors. Maintenance is key with carpet; cleaning up stains when they are fresh and regular shampooing will keep carpet beautiful for many years.

There are new cement finishes available that make cement one of the most durable options available today. There are many products on the market that will transform cement; paint, stain, acid etch and faux finishes. You see these finishes in many commercial applications due to the fact that cement holds up to an unbelievable amount of traffic and with very little maintenance.

A new floor should be part of every remodel. Besides painting the walls, what in under your feet makes flooring ideas the second biggest impact in a space.