Do It Yourself Kitchen Ideas, Under $100

With Do It Yourself kitchen ideas that cost under $100, and a

kitchen ideas

little effort, you can completely transform your space with simple cosmetic changes; paint, hardware, lighting and a new faucet.

First consider the condition of your cabinets. Since cabinets consume most of the space in your kitchen, if they are worn and dated, your space looks worn and dated. Painting walls and cabinets costs under $100 and with a little elbow grease your space will look fresh and updated.

Add another $100 for cabinet handles and hinges and now you have new cabinet jewelry. Cabinet hardware starts at about $1.00 for the knobs, and $2.00 for the handles. Be sure to consider new hinges, especially if they have been painted. A good quality self-closing hinge costs a couple of bucks and eliminates the need for cabinet latches.

Next, evaluate your counter tops. First consider what you already have. If you have ceramic tile and it’s in fairly good shape, you can decide to repair and re-grout the counter tops. Scraping out the old grout and installing new grout is a simple week-end project. Just, don’t forget to seal the new grout.

If your counter tops are butcher block, you can sand them down and stain them a new color, or just lay down few coats of mineral oil to freshen them up. Or, for a dramatic change you might consider overlaying your existing counter tops with a coat of colored concrete, then re-do your back splash in small inexpensive tiles.

For about $100 you can change out your kitchen faucet. You will not believe what a difference a new faucet will make. Make sure that the configuration of the new faucet resembles the old one, i.e. - single hole, three hole, and, maybe a fourth hole for a soap dispenser.

Storage solutions can transform your space from cluttered to organize. Simple, wire shelves make it possible to store extra mugs, or separate the dinner plates from the salad plates. Drawer organizers make it possible to actually find your cooking tools, at the same time protect your hands from sharp edges. And, $100 can buy a lot of storage solutions.

Another inexpensive change that makes a big difference is new lighting. Most of us can install new lighting, however, if you are uncomfortable dealing with electricity, you should be able to call in a licensed electrician for under $100. Call for a free estimate, then order the lighting fixtures and call in the expert when you are ready.

As you can see, there are a lot of Do It Yourself, inexpensive kitchen ideas that can be completed in a week-end or series of week-ends. For dramatic results, consider a rich new wall or cabinet color and a new metal finishes for your hardware and faucet. And, if you are really brave, purchase appliance paint and refinish your appliances.