Bathroom Lighting Fixtures: Pick Your Style and Finish

Bathroom Lighting

In bathrooms there are three types of lighting fixtures; task lighting, mounted to the side or above the mirrors on the wall, and, either recessed or ceiling fixtures mounted overhead. For a professional designer look you may want to consider coordinating the finish of your fixtures with the faucets and cabinet hardware.

Ceiling mounted fixtures come in all sorts of styles, from recessed to surface mounted, even pendants and chandeliers. In very small spaces, there is usually one surface mounted fixture. In larger spaces, recessed fixtures are often used in order to distribute light to all corners of the bathroom.

Task lighting is so important when styling hair or applying make-up. Generally, these lights are placed to either side or to the top of the mirror over the sink and are available in many styles including; sconces, bar type with two to five lamps attached, and even tube styles.

Another consideration - integrated or multi-task devices with an exhaust and/or heat feature. We installed one of the light-exhaust-heating devices in our home for Mom, and we love it for keeping us warm after we get out of the shower on a cold day.

These devices are sometimes available with moisture sensors integrated into the electronics, so that when moisture in the bathroom reaches certain saturation, the exhaust feature automatically turns on.

NOTE: Sometimes these integrated devices, i.e. light-exhaust-heat, require the purchase and installation of a special switching device.

Whatever your personal style, it is important consider the overall style of your home.

First, choose a finish; oiled bronze, black, white, polished Nichol, brushed Nichol, polished brass, pewter, etc.

Then choose a style; contemporary, modern, traditional, country, etc.

And finally choose the types of bathroom lighting you will need; wall mounted, ceiling mounted and/or recessed.

If you are decide to make a bold statement with an oiled bronze finish on your bathroom lighting fixtures, you may want to follow through with the same finish through-out your home; door and cabinet hardware, faucets, accessories…and more.