Bathroom Ideas that Transform Space into Peaceful Retreat

Bathroom ideas can transform a tired old space into a peaceful,

bathroom ideas

Bathroom ideas can transform a tired old space into a peaceful, orderly retreat. Here, we explore small to large, budget friendly, projects to improve this very busy room in your house.

BUDGET: How much you can spend will determine to a great extent the end result. If it is a question of how to stretch a limited budget, buy the best fixtures you can afford, you can always replace floor and wall surfaces with more durable materials at a later date.

FLOOR PLAN AND LAYOUT: Consider the available floor space and number of family members using the bathroom to help determine the layout of this room. Knowing where the water supply and waste lines are will be important due to the expense of relocating them.

PLUMBING FIXTURES: It may be a good idea to consider new plumbing fixtures that are water efficient and compact in size. Dozens of special-use fixtures are offered to help solve individual space and layout requirements.

COLOR SCHEME: Start with the fixture color first, then choose wall surfaces, built-ins, floor coverings, and accessories to go with the fixtures. When all of the surfaces are similar in color, the room will look larger and more unified.

LIGHTING, VENTILATION, HEATING: Even the smallest restroom needs two types of lighting – general and directed. The greatest need for directed light is over the lavatory for shaving or make-up. Whether or not you have a window or skylight, you should include a good ventilation system. Also consider a heating element in your ventilation system.

SOUND CONTROL: A sound control system between the bathroom and adjoining rooms is something to consider when remodeling. The idea is to muffle the sounds of running water and reduce pipe and flushing noises.

STORAGE: The kind and amount of storage space you need depends on what supplies you wish to keep in this room. Making a list of the items you normally use will help you determine the amount and type of space needed to store them. Besides built-in vanities and medicine cabinets you might consider recessed cabinets or shelf units.